Welcome to our online Inductive Bible Study on the book of James, “Living a Life of Faith” by Angie K. Smith.  This first week is our “Introduction” week and a time of getting to know one another and to answer any questions you may have about how this online Bible study works.  We want your online Bible Study experience to be positive and enjoyable.  Welcome aboard!

Has your faith ever wavered?  Have you ever wondered if God knows your heartache and pain?  Then this Bible study is for you. Through this online Inductive Bible study on the Book of James, we are going to understand how to truly rely on God in faith through ALL our circumstances.  We CAN change our outlook on life even when we are going through deep pain and suffering.  We will discover how to respond in an optimistic positive manner instead of letting our circumstances control us.  We are going to dig deep in the book of James and learn how to depend on the light of God’s grace rather than listening to the lies of the enemy.

This is a 7-week in-depth Inductive Bible study in which we will study six central themes of faith:

  • Introduction Week:  Introductions and getting acquainted
  • Week One:  A Tried Faith
  • Week Two:  A Tested and Triumphant Faith
  • Week Three:  An Active and Loving Faith
  • Week Four:  A Controlled and Gentle Faith
  • Week Five:  A Peaceful and Humble Faith
  • Week Six:  A Prayerfully Patient Faith

Each day’s study time will take approximately 30 minutes, sometimes less or sometimes more, depending on the day’s study.  I urge you to set aside a quiet time of study with God free of distractions.  I have found that if I make my appointment with God at the same time each day, I am better able to keep my appointment with God on a consistent basis.  It also helps to have all your Bible study materials in your special quiet time place, which will help you stay motivated:  Your Bible, Bible study workbook, a notebook or journal, colored pens and pencils, highlighters, etc.  It is not necessary to purchase an Inductive Study Bible for the purpose of this study.  The entire Scriptures in the NASB version of James are included right in your Bible study workbook for those of you who do not like to mark in your Bibles.  If you are using the Kindle version, you can printout the entire Book of James (click here) at Bible Gateway.

I also encourage you to participate in a small group to discuss the lessons you are learning each week.  Sharing is voluntary, and we do not expect you to share anything that will cause harm to yourself or another person.  We meet in a private Facebook group, or if you prefer, you may answer the discussion questions here on this website by posting a comment below.  This first week our small groups will meet for a time of introduction and fellowship where you’ll meet your leaders and the other ladies in your group.  Our entire ministry team will be praying for you.

BIBLE STUDY TIP:  Before you begin the lessons each week in your Bible study workbook, read through the entire Book of James in one sitting just as if you were reading a novel.  This will help you understand the historical background of both the writer of James and his readers.  Most Bible scholars agree that the book of James was written by James, the half-brother of Jesus.  You may also want to read the book of James in several different versions to really grasp the depth of the message.  Some of my favorite versions are the New Living Translation, The Message and the New King James Version as well as the New International Version.  This will further help to get you acquainted with the book of James.  Record your first impressions and thoughts in your notebook or journal.


  • Make sure you registered for this online Inductive Bible study so that you receive email updates each week on Monday.
  • Write a letter to God in the front cover of your Bible study workbook or in your notebook or journal. Date your letter and tell God where you are in your season of life right now, and where you hope He leads you during this study. We will not ask you to share your letter. This is personal between you and God.
  • Pray before you begin your study time. Ask your resident teacher, the Holy Spirit, to open your heart to wisdom and understanding to learn His truths.
  • The small group schedule will be pinned to the top of the private Facebook group.
  • Arrive to the private Facebook group for the one hour meeting that you chose to attend. A small group photo will be posted by the leader a day prior to your meeting time.  Begin your study of Week One: “A Tried Faith” in your study guide or Kindle and complete the daily lessons in your Bible study workbook, notebook or journal.

Week One Introduction Discussion Questions – Answer in your small group or post a comment below

  1. What drew you to study the book of James, and what is one thing you hope to gain from it over the next several weeks?
  2. How do you presently handle trials in your life?
  3. What trials trouble you the most?
  4. One day in eternity, we will get to meet all the writers of God’s inspired Word. Isn’t that incredible?  What question would you like to ask James once you meet him face to face?
  5. How can our leaders and the other women in this small group support you in your spiritual journey throughout this study? Do you need encouragement, accountability, Bible study tips, or something else?

Blessings and prayers,