Welcome to Week 9, our last week of our study of 1 Peter!  What an incredible adventure it has been!  Each week we read through 1 Peter from beginning to end.  That means we have read 1 Peter all the way through nine times.  We have dug deep into 1 Peter and discovered precious nuggets of truth to hide in the treasure chest of our hearts.  So, let’s recap what we have observed in our study time these past nine weeks:

In Chapter 1, Peter tells us that through the blood of Jesus Christ, we have a living hope and an inheritance that is imperishable, undefiled and unfading (vs. 3-4).

In Chapter 2, Peter tells us that we are a chosen race, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, whom God has called out of the darkness into His marvelous light (vs. 9). Furthermore, we learned the importance of submission to whom God has called us to submit but to do it in honor and love the brotherhood (vs. 17).

In Chapter 3, Peter tells us that just as we, as citizens, should submit to our government so should wives submit to their husbands and in return husbands should be considerate and respective of their wives (vs. 1-7). We also learned God blesses everyone who suffers for doing what is right (vs. 17).

In Chapter 4, we learned that since Jesus suffered, we must be prepared to suffer.  We are to live the rest of our days for the will of God and not for our own fleshly human desires (vs. 1-2).

This week, we studied Chapter 5, “Clothed in Humility.”  Peter concludes his letter by telling us we must remain alert.

“Be sober-minded; be watchful.  Your adversary the devil prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour.” 1 Peter 5:8

We have a very sly enemy who is just waiting for an opportunity to knock us down when we aren’t looking.  Peter gives us this warning to watch out for Satan when we are suffering or being persecuted, when we are feeling alone, weak and helpless.  It’s during these times when we focus on our troubles that we forget to watch out for the danger.  These are the times when Christians are especially vulnerable to Satan’s attacks.  James tell us to keep your eyes on Christ, and resist the devil, and he will flee from you (James 4:7).

Finally, just as Peter wrote this letter to encourage us in our Christian walk, so we should likewise encourage others by sharing the Good News of hope in Jesus Christ with others.

What a living hope we have in Jesus Christ!  You are to be commended for sticking with us these past nine weeks.  If you have fallen behind in this study, just pick up right where you are and continue until you finish.  You do not want to miss one single Word.  These are God’s truths, our Guidebook for life, and He gave it you and to me to live by.

May God bless you!

BIBLE STUDY TIP:  Continue your Scripture writing in your journal.  This week write out Week 9 Scriptures (1 Peter 5) in your journal.

DIGGING DEEPER:  Memorize 1 Peter 5


  • Join a Small Group and fellowship with your fellow Bible students.
  • Complete any lessons missed these past 9 weeks.
  • Always pray before you begin your study and ask your resident Teacher, the Holy Spirit, to open your heart to wisdom and understanding to learn His truths.

DISCUSSION QUESTIONS FOR WEEK NINE (answer in small groups or post a comment below:

  1. How might the flock behave in such a way that the job of the shepherd is made easier? (Page 120)
  2. What does the God of all grace have in store for your future? How does this thought encourage you to suffer well? (Page 123)
  3. How good is the modern church at prioritizing and pursuing deep relationships with one another? What steps could we take to grow in this regard? (Page 127)
  4. Describe personal experiences that have impressed on you the reality and power of Satan. What feelings do you have about Satan’s power? What keeps you from being frightened of Satan?
  5. Finally, what can we learn about the early church from the way Peter speaks of Silvanus (“faithful brother”), Mark (“my son”), and his greeting of choice (“greet one another with the kiss of love”) 1 Peter 5:12-14? (Page 126)

Praying for you,